Willkommen auf der NIRVANA


I am living my dream: Sailing and relaxing in one of the most beautiful area of the world: The central Bahamas, called the Exumas. Turquois calm water and hundred small islands, most of them inhabitated. Gorgeous white beaches. A lot of coral reefs for snorkeling and diving.

After 60 trips with charter catamarans I bought my own boat 2021 in Fort Lauderdale / Florida: A Gemini 105MC (2010 model). This catamaran is very special, you can tilt up the rudders, keels and propellers, so that the draft is only 2 feet. This is a big advantage because the waters in the Exumas are very shallow.  It is even possible to beach in calm water and sit completely dry on a sandbank at low tide!

I took many videos with my drone from all the anchoring places with coordinates:

>> Natur-Segelgemeinschaft    Youtube channel

On the next page you can download GPS-Tracks and sailing resumes from my trips!

Dipl.-Psych. Andreas "Neerav" KOCH
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